Personal Electric Motorbike Land Speed Record

Stuart Jameson has travelled over 172.2km/hr on his electric bike at the Lake Gairdner salt flats.

The bike is a custom conversion using a classic Manx style frame, Honda running gear, and a ME1616/Sevcon Size-6 electric drive kit.

The ME1616 is a brushless 3-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) capable of an output power of 29kW continuous, 48kW peak.

The Sevcon Gen4 Size 6 motor controller is converts the battery DC current into a variable frequency three-phase current to power the motor. The advantage of the Sevcon Gen4 series is that it has a build in vehicle control unit (VCU).

Electric Drive Engineering sell a ‘plug-and-play’ electric drive kit which includes the ME1616 and Sevcon Gen4 size-6.