Dual Motor Agricultural EV

QLD farmer was able to half his spray time with our dual motor EV system. The vehicle weighs approximately 1 tonne when fully loaded and can operate for over 3 hours of spraying with a 48V 160Ah battery bank.

Dual ME1718 motors were used to drive the rear left and right side wheels. The motors are mounted through a gearbox. The motors can regeneratively brake the vehicle which minimises brake wear and improves battery efficiency.

The system was arranged in a CANopen master/slave configuration using two Sevcon Size 2 48V motor controllers. In this arrangement the master controller receives inputs from the control panel and determines the torque and speed requirements for both motors. Some of the advantages of this arrangement are: 

  • Cheaper: eliminates doubling up of components. 
  • Safer: having the decision making in a single unit ensures consistent behavior.
  • Better performance: the motors have synchronised torque and speed.

We developed the system in our Perth workshop. Here is a video we made for the customer before sending out the system out.