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Honeywell Hall Effect Throttle Mechanism Lead times apply on this product

$50.00 ex. GST

The Sevcon DVT software is used to calibrate and configure Sevcon motor controllers. Used in conjunction with the IXXAT programming dongle.

$87.00 ex. GST

Water Pump specifically designed for Cooling EV Motors, Controllers and Chargers.

$104.00 ex. GST

$104.00 ex. GST

$144.00 ex. GST

Top quality electronic throttle for motorbikes. Dual 5V hall effect throttles.

$152.00 ex. GST

Curtis throttle mechanism. 0-5V Potentiometer with microswitch (footswitch, FS1). Excellent for retrofitting existing cable driven throttle pedals such as cars and karts.

$302.00 ex. GST

Curtis ET134 centre neutral throttle mechanism.

$397.00 ex. GST

Curtis FP-FCV-0023 Foot Pedal Lead times apply on this product

$400.00 ex. GST

  • Gen4 Harness
  • Dual signal throttle (e.g. Domino, GJ throttles)
  • EV functions such as forward, reverse, drive modes, throttle, encoder, enable, line contactor.
  • Sin/Cos Encoder (Motenergy motor plug arrangement.