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NOTE: DUE TO COVID-19 WE HAVE HAD TO TEMPORARILY SUBSTITUTE HBD41AB (BLACK SWITCH) INTO STOCK. GIGAVAC manual disconnect switches provide a level of sealed switching technology to meet any DC application requirement. 1000V 400A Isolator Switch, single pole, single throw.


Gigavac GX14


When quality and reliability  are essential there is only one choice, Gigavac. Similar in design but different form factor to GX23BA. Designed specifically for high voltage DC applications this contactor is a drop-in alternative to Tyco/Kilovac* 500+ Amp EV200. Most cheaper contactors are rated only to 80VDC. Above this they cannot operate safely.


Gigavac GV200PA


500+ Amp 12-800VDC This Gigavac contactor is designed to switch up to 800VDC. Suitable for use with Sevcon Gen4 Size 2,4, and 6 controllers due to non economiser coil.