80V 48kW EDE Electric Drive Kit

Motor: Motenery ME1616 48kW

Inverter: Sevcon Gen4 Size 6 80V

Display: Sevcon Clearview

Accessories: Wire harness, battery switch, throttle, phase and power cables, water pump

Electric Drive Kits are made to order. Use the contact page for more information.


User Manual


  • Complete Kit, Easy Plug/Bolt and Play.
  • Keyswitch for ON/OFF.
  • Standard torque control throttle configuration.
  • Adjustable Regenerative Braking.
  • Forward/Neutral/Reverse switch.
  • Drive Mode Select switch
  • Clearview Display of motor information.
  • Power Cables included.

System Components

Motor: Motenergy ME1616

The Motenergy ME1616 is a water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor. The ME1616 comes with the phase cables and 8-way plug already attached.

Datasheet 3d model

Motor Controller: Sevcon Gen4 Size-6

The SEVCON Gen4 Size 6 motor controller is designed to control 3-phase Permanent Magnet Alternating Current (PMAC) motors for traction and pump applications. 

Datasheet 3d model

Contactor: Gigavac GV-200PA

The Gigavac GV-200PA is a hermetic sealed DC relay that allows the Sevcon Gen4 controller to switch ON and OFF high-current battery power. A relay is required so that the controller can remove power to itself as well as pre-charge.


Display: Sevcon Clearview 

The Sevcon Clearview Display is a colour display that shows information sent from the Gen4 controller. The user can also change drivability characteristics (such as ramp rate) from the Clearview.


Throttle: Various 

  1. Lever Type A
  2. Lever Type B
  3. Foot Pedal
  4. Dial
  5. Twist Grip

Cooling: Coolant Pump 

The Water Pump specifically designed for cooling EV motors and controllers.

System Overview


  • Auxiliary Power Supply Wires: Provide auxiliary power supply for controller
  • Contactor Coil Wires: Allows the controller to apply power to the relay coil to OPEN and CLOSE the battery positive cable.
  • BMS Enable: (Optional) Allows connection to battery management system (BMS). This must be connected if not used.
  • Throttle Connector: Allow connection to throttle of choice (5 types available)
  • Motor Encoder Connector: Passes position and temperature data to the controller
  • Programming Port: Allows connection to PC (IXXAT USB-CAN interface, Sevcon DVT software and licence required for use)
  • 35-Way Connector: Connects harness to Sevcon Gen 4 controller
  • Ignition: Turn system ON and OFF
  • Forward/Neutral/Reverse Switch: Change direction of motor rotation
  • Brake Regen Adjust: Control the level of regenerative braking
  • Drive Select: Switch between Drive Mode 1 and Drive Mode 2
  • Clearview Display Plug: Connect to Sevcon Clearview Display


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