48V 8kW Battery Electric Pump Motor System

Turn-key 48V 8kW battery electric motor conversion kit to drive a pump. ME1718 motor paired with Sevcon Size 2 motor controller configured to operate as a pump controller.

Photos are indicative only. These systems are made to order.

At Electric Drive Engineering we specialise in the design and integration of battery electric motor systems for all sorts of applications. We have years of experience using these systems for vehicles, boats, bikes, pumps, and much more.

This is an example battery electric motor system designed to drive pumps. The system is a turn-key solution up to the motor shaft. It doesn’t include a battery. The system has a built in pump controller that can be controlled with buttons (digital inputs), dials (analog inputs), or via CAN. The pump controller is highly configurable; including changing setpoints, max speed, min speed, and much more.

Speed: 0-3500RPM

Continuous Power: 5kW

Peak Power: 8kW

Continuous Torque: 14Nm

Peak Torque: 23Nm

Nominal Battery Voltage: 48V DC

Min Battery Voltage: 19.3V DC

Max Battery Voltage: 69.6V DC

Total Weight: ~16kg

System Components

This system is made up of the following components:

  • Motor: ME1718
  • Motor Controller: Sevcon Gen4 Size 2 48V (programmed as a pump controller)
  • Sevcon programming cable and software
  • Dial type hall effect throttle
  • Gigavac GV200 contactor
  • Harness

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