AVID AF130 (New in 2018 – Unused)

Avid AF130 100kW 220Nm 22kg 8000RPM. Left over from another project. New in 2018, unused.

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EVO Axial Flux Electric Motors – AVID Technology (avidtp.com)

EVO Axial Flux Motor Key Features

  • Very high torque and power density
  • Low cogging torque
  • Power density of >10kW/Kg achievable
  • Compact design with flat front & back faces for mounting
  • Voltage: Up to 800 VDC
  • Peak Efficiency: >96% (includes power inverter)
  • Low inertia composite rotor with excellent rotor dynamic stability
  • Water/glycol cooled for simplified installation & enhanced performance
  • Through shaft and customised versions available
  • Integrated PT100 temperature sensors and sin/cos resolver compatible with most commercially available inverters.


Typical applications

  • Traction motors for electric and hybrid buses and trucks
  • Traction motors for high-performance electric supercars and EV motorsport
  • P1 / P2 configuration hybrids
  • Direct drive of propellers for aero and marine
  • High-performance generator

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