Gigavac Hermetic Battery Disconnect HBD41AA

GIGAVAC manual disconnect switch: 1000V 400A Isolator Switch, single pole, single throw.

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Exceeds industry sealing standards IP67 and IEC529 making it the perfect choice for isolating system batteries during maintenance. Using patent pending technology the HBD series is the first truly hermetic high power manual disconnect switch. Since the HBD can be mounted in virtually any environment it can be placed near vehicle batteries.

– Hermetically sealed IP69. Can be used in dusty, wet, and flammable environments.
– Sealed contacts ensures low voltage drop.
– Fiber composite housing and hermetic seal prevent corrosion inside and out.
– Lock-out / Tag-out meets OSHA requirements. Lockable in the OFF state.
– Ideal for heavy truck, military, construction, material handling, and off-road vehicles.
– Continuous rating 400A. Overload (1 min) 2000A.
– 1000VDC max.
– Made in USA.

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