ME1616 Electric Motor Kit – 48V or 72V

Highly configurable electric motor system for various applications. Everything you need to get your project up and running fast. We have configurations for most common applications and can develop new ones to suit your needs.

Photos are indicative only. These systems are made to order.



  • Complete Kit, Easy Plug/Bolt and Play.
  • Sevcon Size 6 48V/72V
  • Suitable for various applications: industrial, boat, small vehicle, motorbike.
  • Keyswitch for ON/OFF.
  • Standard torque control or speed control throttle configuration.
  • Adjustable Regenerative Braking.
  • Forward/Neutral/Reverse switch.
  • Drive Mode Select switch

Standard Components:

  1. Motor
  2. Controller (configured)
  3. Phase cables
  4. Line Contactor
  5. Harness and Harness components (switches and dials)
  6. Throttle (various)

Additional Components Available:

  • Display
  • Battery Cables
  • Isolation Switches

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