Sevcon DC-DC Converter Isolated

Sevcon DC/DC Converters are suitable for all electric powered vehicles and are designed to be fitted on-board and connected permanently to the traction battery.  These fully encapsulated converters deliver a stable isolated high power, low voltage DC supply for accessories such as lights, horns, and wipers. Unparalleled reliability.



Note: This DC-DC unit comes with a 5way connection plug and pins kit.

– 72-100VDC input, 13.5VDC Output 500W
– Compact size
– No auxiliary 12V battery required, however this unit can be used with a 12V battery on the output
– Output fully isolated from input
– High frequency, silent operation
– Remote Enable function (connect Enable input to +Vin)
– Pluggable 5 way connector included
– Low quiescent current draw (<30 mA)
– Parallel connection of multiple units for more power
– Fully encapsulated IP67, vibration resistant
– Protected against short circuit, overload and reverse polarity
– Sevcon Quality comes as standard

Dimensions:  140 x 70 x 50mm, 1.0kg

Additional information
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Input Voltage

48V, 72V