Motenergy ME1114

Motenergy Motor Dual Stator PMAC (brushless) DC motor for traction and pumping applications.

Permanent Magnet AC motor designed specifically to suit the 48-80V Sevcon controller range. Regenerative braking is a feature of all PMAC motors.
Uses Sin/Cos rotor position sensing, the latest technology for ultra smooth starting. Motor is axial flux with one rotor between two stators.


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– 4 pole pair Synchronous Permanent Magnet AC motor (8 magnets).
– Dual Stators (electrically similar to to ME1117 single stator motor)
– 20 turns per phase. 0.065 Ohms
– 5000 RPM max.
– 0 to 100 VDC.
– 100 amps continuous phase current.
– 600 amps DC max phase current, for 1 minute (~420Amps AC).
– 10kg.
– Base Speed @ 48V is 3000rpm
– 98 Nm Peak Torque.
– Class H insulation
– Open Frame, Fan Cooled motor.
– KTY84 temperature sensor, matched for Sevcon Gen4 controllers.
– SIN/COS Encoder suited to Sevcon Gen4 controllers.
– Shaft (Keyed) 7/8″
– Torque constant 0.12 Nm per Amp
– Inductance 0.05 mH.
– Armature Inertia is 45 Kg Cm-2.

Note: Motor only, mating 8 pin automotive plug, keyway metal and mounting bolts are not included.

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Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 27.5 × 25.5 cm