SEVCON Dragon 8

Highly configurable battery powered inverter. The Dragon8 is capable of operation up to 96VDC nominal and up to 300 A rms peak phase current. Isolated IO and logic.

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  • Exceptional motor controller for PMSM
  • Advanced control & safety features that are highly configurable
  • 96V Nominal, 300A RMS (2min)
  • 227 x 138 x 73mm, 2.0kg
  • IP66
  • Isolated IO and logic (This is the key difference compared to Gen4)


The Dragon8 sets a new standard in AC motor controller performance and reliability. It is compatible with a wide range of motors – Asynchronous AC Induction and Synchronous Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) or Brushless DC (BLDC).

Dragon8 has electrical isolation between high power battery/motor wiring and the lower voltage control signals and CANBus. This allows the IO to reference the 12 V (or 24 V) battery and vehicle chassis return path.


  • Integrated & isolated IO and logic circuit
  • Supports AC Induction and PMAC/BLDC
  • Isolated CAN communications bus allows for easy interconnection of controllers and devices such as Battery Management Systems, displays and VCUs
  • CANopen and J1939 protocols
  • Configurable as a vehicle control master or as a motor control slave
  • Power up auto-check system fault diagnostics
  • Programmable battery current limit
  • IP66 protection
  • Integrated power fuse holder

Integrated I/O

Dragon8 includes a fully integrated set of inputs and outputs (I/O) with vehicle control functionality, designed to handle a wide range of system requirements and functions. This frequently eliminates the need for additional external I/O modules, vehicle control units and connectors.

  • Up to 6 digital inputs (3 inputs dual use as UVW encoder input)
  • Up to 4 analogue input (2 analogue inputs dual use as Sin/Cos encoder input)
  • Up to 2 contactor drivers
  • Dedicated 5 V, 200 mA output
  • Dedicated 10 V, 200 mA output
  • Motor temperature sensor input
  • Motor encoders supported include Resolver (programmable gain), UVW hall effect sensors, Sin/Cos sensors and incremental AB encoders

Key Parameters

  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 48V-96V
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 139V
  • Minimum Operating Voltage: 20V
  • Boost Phase Current (10 sec): 400A RMS
  • Peak Phase Current (2 min): 300A RMS
  • Continuous Phase Current (1 hour): 110A RMS
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 2.27 × 13.8 × 7.3 cm

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