SEVCON Gen5 Size-9

Highly configurable battery powered inverter. The Gen5 Size 9 is capable of operation up to 450VDC and up to 450 A rms phase current.

P/N: 636A34901

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  • Exceptional motor controller for PMSM
  • Advanced control & safety features that are highly configurable
  • 128 V to 450VDC, 200 Arms (continuous), 450 Arms (1min)
  • 394x 385 x 90mm, 6.8kg
  • IP66


The Gen5 range of products is well-matched to satisfy automotive, commercial and construction markets’ electrification needs. The Gen5 Size 9 is specifically aimed at vehicle OEMs and system integrators to offer them a compact, lightweight, robust and cost-effective, class-leading suite of solutions covering traction, hybridisation, power generation and sub-system electrification.


  • Advanced Field Orientated Control with support for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors and AC Induction Motors
  • I/O and CAN are electrically isolated
  • CAN communications bus allows for easy interconnection of controllers and devices such as Battery Management Systems, displays and VCUs
  • CANopen and J1939 protocols
  • Configurable as a vehicle control master or as a CAN motor torque slave
  • 12 V or 24 V logic supply

Integrated I/O

  • The Gen5-S9 includes a fully-integrated set of inputs and outputs designed to handle a wide range of vehicle functions. This eliminates the need for additional external I/O modules or vehicle controllers
    and connectors.
  • All I/O protected to 40V
  • 4 analogue inputs 0 – 10 V allowing for easy configuration of dual throttle and dual brake applications
  • 2 PT1000/KTY84 thermocouple input
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 digital outputs PWM 2A (2 high side 2 low side)
  • 3 programmable encoder power supplies (1x200mA 2x100mA voltage configurable)
  • Motor encoders supported include Resolver (programmable gain), UVW hall effect sensors, Sin/Cos sensors and incremental AB encoders

Key Parameters

  • Operating voltage up to 450Vdc (de-rating above 420 V)
  • Output motor phase current
    • 450 Arms (1 min)
    • 200 Arms (1 hour+)
  • Safety
    • Functional safety to EN1175 and EN13849/3
    • Electrical safety to ISO 6494, IEC 60664 and UL840
    • HVIL safety functionality
  • Environmental
    • –40°C to +85°C operation, IP6k9k, ISO 16750
    • Water/Glycol coolant flow rate 10 l/minute (de-rating above 55°C)
Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 39.4 × 28.5 × 9.0 cm

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